Primetech Concrete Primer is a specially formulated primer for boom pumps and trailer pumps. Our primer will eliminate plugging and lower pump pressures during priming. We make it with a water soluble bag inside a watertight sealed bag to prevent it from blowing away in windy conditions.

Q and A

Why does it change color?

Primetech Primer changes from a clear color to a milky white as it activates in just a few minutes. As soon as the color changes, you are good to go

How does it lower pumping pressures?

Our special formulation of polymers is a highly concentrated lubricant. The formulation actually coats the pipe with lubricant as the concrete pushes it through the system. 

Can I pump it into a wall or onto a slab?

No primer is recommended to be pumped into a wall or floor. You should pump at least one full stroke away from the pour. Primtech primer is a lubricant that may weaken the concrete strength.

How good is Primetech Primer?

We have had Primetech Primer tested by a third party source to assure us that Primetech ws the best in the industry. We didn't get it on the first try, or the 3rd, or the 10th. It took us over 2 years to come up with the right formulation.

Ultimately we had several of our customers try it. It is the best in the industry.

Why is it only 5 ounces/bag?

Primetech is highly concentrated. Our customers have told us during their testing that even ½ of a bag was still superior to most of the products today.

Some of our operators don’t even use primer. Is it necessary?

Plugging up on a jobsite is one of the most expensive and embarrassing things your operators will do. Certainly it is possible to use just water but it takes a lot more water than using primer, so you are loosing concrete that now is waste or weak. Too much water causes segregation. You may get away with it but it is a gamble. Water is not nearly the lubricant Primetech Primer is.

So you decided to take a chance and you lost a boom system. On an average of $10,000 for a system and $2.60 for a bag of primer, you could have had 4,166 worry free jobs. Also, most companies charge $12 to as much as $30 for priming a pump! Why risk it?

Does ACPA recommend primers?

Yes, ACPA does recommend the use of primers. Primers prevent plugging, which prevent pipe explosions and hose whipping.

 Have your operators ever blown a pipe or reducer during priming? Was this just bad timing? Chances are it happened because he plugged at the reducer and “tested” the complete boom system and found the weak spot!